Why Public Relations?

I like to think that the best players are the ones who know the rules enough to break them when an opportunity for major accomplishments hits the situation they’re in.For context purposes, I am going to start this article with one of the things I do not advise when talking about the Public Relations language.

When I finally accepted I was unhappy with my former career (for those who might not know, I used to be a lawyer), it was like waking up from one of those nightmares that makes you cry while sleeping. It was that bad. Transitioning careers when I was nearly in my 30s was hard, but if I ever wanted to love Mondays again, I just had to be brave and do it. Of course, I was in a good life frame to make this move: no hubby, no kids, (almost) no debts. So, in that matter, life was encouraging me to take a step on it. Long story short, I moved across the ocean to start a Master’s Degree in something that had always cough my attention: corporate communications and public relations. I fell in love with it, and here we are. I can write a blog post on how this went out for me, with details and experience reports, but this article is not about myself… at least not at the core level.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com

Public Relations brings to the surface everything we need to make ourselves be seen. I love how we can drop the overly technical rules and think outside of the box; let your creativity run wild and free towards something you know you want to achieve and set up a strategy, milestones, ways to evaluate your success. That is a challenge I was looking for, and I have found it in PR.

As you might have noticed, I’m focused on writing about my perspectives over experiences I have had on my traveling section, ramblings on my stories, points of view on my blog… And, for the PR page, I would like to bring inspirational stories about companies and people. I am not being paid to write about them at least not now, but one of the things that make me smile while I am reading about a company or a strategy is to find the creativity of the PR team to think outside of the box.

I was reading a chapter of a book about Traveling and PR today and I have found something that raised a flag on how blogs and travel magazines work nowadays. A lot of them are still using the same strategy. There is no news to report on that. I know this is a strategy that works a lot, but there are so many other ways to do things and achieve the success we are all looking for… This scenario gets even more serious when we think about all the publications we find all over that are not even a matter of an experience or something properly new or trendy: they are made out of pitches, which make the publication a clipping service section, instead of fulfilling its own news purpose. Keith A. Bellows, the genius that figured that out, couldn’t be more right about it. By the time he wrote this, he was the Editor in Chief of the prestigious National Geographic Traveller magazine. He passed away in 2015, unfortunately. Bellows was a traveler that seek for more than a destination, but a soul connection through his traveling experiences, which is very inspirational on its own (he hosted a very good TED Talk if you are interested 🙂 )

Bellows highlighted some points in Public Relations that are really bright to me. Whatever niche you decide to work on as a publicist, you have to be sensible enough to understand what does your audience cares about and work to meet their expectations. The right way to reach them is not only about the content you create, but also considering which channels suits them best. Remember when Marshall McLuhan said the medium is the message? This is what it is: if you want to show off an amazing life-changing product or service, simply sending a pitch about it to each and every journalist or influencer out there, regardless of their niche, isn’t going to be enough; there is the right audience and the right vehicle to maximize your outcomes on making your product/service known. Even though with very similar channels, in very specific niches, there are major differences you oughta consider – otherwise, you might fail to speak up your message.

Public Relations challenges me to be creative, to relate to people, to understand the channels as resources, and, especially, to work with what I believe in. We have never had as much access to information as we have nowadays and this is the best asset when we want to reach out to people and make a difference. The possibilities to do so are infinite. While the strategy is the door to success in this industry, creativity and open-minded moves are the key to open it. I can only love it, absolutely.

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Publicist and writer, a citizen of the world trying to free herself from writing cliches (but it's so tempting....)

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