The journey is the purpose

In 2018, Brazil experienced a peculiar situation regarding its inhabitants. With a negative migratory flow, it was possible to verify that the number of Brazilians who left their homeland definitively to venture abroad was greater than the number of “gringos” who entered our private paradise. More than 250 thousand Brazilians left for more than a vacation trip versus 94 thousand foreigners who took up residence in Brazil. The reason I am saying this is because I, who write to you, was one of those Brazilians who left its land in 2018.

I remember with great affection the day that I realized that I had fulfilled my dream and that I was living something that I always sought. It all started with a master’s degree that unfolded a lot of stories and some sort of “world wisdom”. In addition to all the knowledge I acquired about theories, cultures, and academic perspectives, the biggest one was my self-knowledge: expanding horizons is abstract.

It was out of what I had in a context that I rediscovered a multifaceted, internal, and external world. I discovered that a city has a lot more to offer in 24 hours than you think and that in every corner you can see an inspirational detail for who you want to be tomorrow. Traveling is really inspiring!

I’m living abroad for almost three years and I consider myself lucky to have two houses. However, it’s inevitable to notice that the expansion you are experiencing is so great that you feel that time has come to take the next step. It’s like when a cicada sings loudly to get out of its exoskeleton and move on. We are all citizens of the world and we have so much to explore … And that is why I decided to engage in a search, internal and external, for me and the world.

I want to explore the world, life, cultures, and myself, of course. Traveling is much more than visiting sights and historical sites, although this is a delight and part of the experience. What I want with this is to evolve myself, to learn how to see the perspectives that I don’t have today, to know realities that I still don’t know, to feel all of those butterflies in my stomach.

I want to live. In this life, in this world. Hit the road!

Published by flaviastamato

Publicist and writer, a citizen of the world trying to free herself from writing cliches (but it's so tempting....)

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