Public Relations and the Lockdown side effects on the Economy – the key to the door to keeping up the game

You probably read this for the last three months so far, and yet you will read it again because it’s still unbelievable that 2020 has only one week to come to an end. It all has gone by so fast, yet the pandemic side effects feel like forever harassing our willingness to celebrate life outside our homes.

This year feels really weird… Instead of having the pleasure to be around everyone we loved, we were – wisely – advised to keep our distance in order to keep ourselves healthy and safe. We spend most of the time hiding from an invisible enemy like we were living a biological war – but aren’t we? At the same time, life went on: bills kept coming, work kept demanding our efforts, people kept demanding our attention and the market kept struggling to catch our last drops of creativity so we could boost our sales up. We have come to a point where we can almost see our energy bar going to waste. There are no doubts here that 2020 was a challenging year.

Here’s a challenge for you: keep in mind that challenge, today, is our key word.

Christmas lights dimming out

I feel like the year 2020 is a lifetime crisis. The mishaps we have gone through have definitely changed the way we make businessbut will it last or is it a shot in the dark we just had to commit with?

I don’t know about you, but I have been observing that many companies have changed their aim on the strategy for the last months of 2020 a little bit suddenly. They couldn’t keep their former strategy to attract people to shopping malls or promote campaigns that would motivate people to be with their loved ones because, in times like these, this decision would be excruciatingly criticized. A new approach was much needed.

Among dances and memes

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The lockdown, however, had a good impact in one particular sector. Content production has never been such a hot topic as it was this year. The famous app TikTok – which I am currently obsessed with – can’t let me lie: their user’s bases keep growing and showing a high potential of business in an exciting format. New trends are launched every day and people seem to engage with them very well because it’s all about having fun.

Despite the disputes with soon-to-be-former US President in charge, Donald Trump, Tik Tok is leading brands to a new level of campaigns. Remember the challenge of this article? It’s all about it. Instead of promoting their products in that old classical way we all know about, Tik Tok challenges brands to create fun hashtags and challenges for people to try out at the app and challenge their own audience to have some fun and do it too. A challenge never sounded that fun, right? Quite challenging. Okay, I’ll stop.

Social media, in general, is opening doors to a new way of getting people’s attention and engagement. Another way of promoting brand awareness is by the filters used in photos and videos to distort your image, in a good funny way, add colors, music, characters, and even makeup to whoever is on the screen. This interaction world is a treasure hunt for creators and brands to achieve their goals and increase their sales and publicity.

More to come

There’s a lot more to explore in this topic, but I felt like an intro would come in handy. From powerful produced content made by professionals with an impressive resume to simpler contents, produced by someone who never was an expert to this but knows how to use their tools, I have a strong feeling we are about to witness a huge change in the way we communicate to our audiences, especially under the digital universe.

The chosen channel to spread your message can either boost your outcome with flying colors or ruin your entire plan. Getting to know who you want to talk to and where to find them is still important, but now you also have to understand that social media is not all the same.

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Why don’t you come visit me on the next days so I can tell you more about it?

Until then, I wish you a very merry Christmas!

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