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The featured image for this article was taken from Kelly Cutrone’s Instagram account. You can see and follow here by clicking on this link.

Now that we are a little more aware of what is Public Relations, I’d love to talk about some of the publicists that I look up to. The first one, as you may already know, is Kelly Cutrone.

The reason I chose Kelly to talk about today is not those Reality Shows she has worked on, such as The Hills or America’s Next Top Model – but those shows are probably your first memory of who this lady is. Far from that, I pick Kelly for this article because of her perspectives on life. Commonly mistaken by a bitter person, Kelly is definitely someone you don’t want to miss out on.

Who is Kelly Cutrone

Despite she wrote all of her story in a book that will be mentioned in the next paragraphs, I don’t have it with me anymore, unfortunately. I would, though, recommend the reading if you like not only the fashion industry but stories about strong women.

Kelly is one of the most known publicists in the Fashion Industry. She came from a conservative family, established in New York, and was expected to be the first generation to attend college. She graduated as a nurse, but the career wasn’t touching her at all. Although she had learned a lot on how to deal with people while working as a psychiatric nurse, creativity was lacking on her daily basis, so she transitioned to Public Relations after a suggestion from one of her friends, Anthony Haden-Guest.

Recently, Kelly has given an interview to The Financial Confessions podcast and she had a chance to talk a little more about her childhood and family. She, at a very young age, had to make her way into the world and not be taken down by people with lots of money in their pockets. I don’t know if you ever heard that, but making it in New York isn’t easy. It never was.

click here to watch the full interview

After she took her friend’s suggestion and started to work with communication and Public Relations, her entrepreneurship started to raise up as it was obviously the right path for her – despite her statement on not being into management. Very quickly, she managed to work as a PR director, and even launch her own agency called Cutrone & Weinberg – with many great clients, I should say.

After a while, Kelly took some time to herself and sold her part of the agency. A few years later, she founded People’s Revolution and got to work with a very impressive list of clients in the fashion industry, such as Longchamp, Vivienne Westwood (I love her designs!), Thierry Mugler, and many more. That’s how good and trustworthy she was. Kelly was always down to make her work unforgettable.

Why Kelly Cutrone?

Well, here’s where I tell you why I feel so inspired by this person.

One of the reasons I admire this lady so much is that she is not all about the money and status. She clearly steps up for what she finds important as a woman in a predatory industry. At one point in her career, when things weren’t making sense as it once did, she decided to sell her half of a very successful agency and moved away from New York to seek some deeper meaning. She studied science and arts and even became a tarot reader after she got in touch with her own spirituality – which was major for her to build all she has now. I will excuse myself here to say how big of a smile I have on my face right now because this journey of hers has something to do with the one I am making.

Kelly is a star in the Public Relations universe and it’s recomforting to see that she embraces her power even though many people tried to break her, and she proves them wrong. Self-proclaimed a feminist, Kelly also defies the fashion industry on ruling what she has to look like: she wears no makeup and doesn’t style her hair. She spreads a message that she trust who she is and she knows she can do an outstanding job without following rules that make no sense. I absolutely love that about her.

“I am not a team player if I don’t believe in the captain of the team”.

Kelly Cutrone

I heard about Kelly Cutrone for the first time when I was around 16 years old. I was looking to improve my English, which wasn’t very good back then, by reading more. While I was picking something random to read, I got caught by the name of one famous book she wrote: “If you have to cry, go outside”. I couldn’t know why I was so drawn to it, but I gave it a shot. The reading was quite challenging, once my English was an obstacle there, but I just couldn’t put the book down. The ways she figured to make her own freedom in the PR world were so inspirational for me that I recall many insights and reflections on my own choices, even though I was that young. It was life-changing, I cannot lie.

This book was also the first time I got in touch with Public Relations. I am not saying that this is the reason I chose to transition my career into PR, but I am saying it holds a strong part of it. This is why I wanted to write the first article on publicist inspired by Kelly Cutrone. She believes in herself in times that women are discredited all the time. She stands up for herself and she gets things done without letting go of her spirituality and higher-self. She is definitely someone I look up to.

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