When the words go blank

As you have probably noticed already, I am a very communicative person. I have no trouble sharing my thoughts on almost anything, and I actually like to do so. Building dialogues is something I always loved to do because I truly believe it’s the best way to bond with people you share your days with.Continue reading “When the words go blank”

Be your own PR – tips on how to show your skills and attract attention

It’s no secret that the economic crisis has hit us hard, worldwide. Because of the pandemic situation due to the COVID-19, WHO has advised us to stay home and protect ourselves from exposure to a virus that, back then, was unknown to medicine. Some of us were privileged enough to be able to stay homeContinue reading “Be your own PR – tips on how to show your skills and attract attention”

Prayers of insistent anxiety

written on January 12, 2017; reissued in December 2020, with a wonderful sense of self-knowledge and self-love. I found myself attached to religion that week, and at that time it had been a long time since I had shaken my spiritual bias. I took advantage of the opportunity and also dusted off my esotericism. ThereContinue reading “Prayers of insistent anxiety”

Public Relations and Branding: why is one so important to the other?

Following our series to distinguish PR from it’s “siblings”, it’s time to introduce you to Branding. However, let’s take a few words to remind some of the main differences here. We already know that Public Relations is responsible for the creation and management of public opinion towards a product or a brand with a well-plannedContinue reading “Public Relations and Branding: why is one so important to the other?”

Why being alone is good for you

I have to admit that being locked inside for most of 2020 did not bother me at all. I mean, I recall one day or another that I’d be a little more annoyed about this situation (plus, the biological crisis, economical panic, and all of those side effects), but overall, I feel fine. As weContinue reading “Why being alone is good for you”

A party at the airport?

You are probably asking yourself why did I name this project The Airport Party, especially if you are one of the members of the large group of people who hates airports. To be honest with you, I never understood why people hate airports so much and I’m going to excuse myself on the traveling sessionContinue reading “A party at the airport?”

How does Public Relations differ from marketing

In our previous post, we have talked about the main differences between Public Relations and Advertising. Now it’s time to explore if PR and marketing are the same things… And why they’re not if you know what I mean. Although I have given a spoiler already, I don’t think it came out as a surpriseContinue reading “How does Public Relations differ from marketing”

The 4 main differences between Public Relations and Advertising

Is Public Relations advertising? As I said in my previous post this week, both are related, but they are not the same thing. Although some people like to say that PR is free advertising, I personally find this statement an open door for confusing different concepts, even though it’s not a misunderstanding when we thinkContinue reading “The 4 main differences between Public Relations and Advertising”