The journey is the purpose

In 2018, Brazil experienced a peculiar situation regarding its inhabitants. With a negative migratory flow, it was possible to verify that the number of Brazilians who left their homeland definitively to venture abroad was greater than the number of “gringos” who entered our private paradise. More than 250 thousand Brazilians left for more than aContinue reading “The journey is the purpose”

A beginners guide on Public Relations – what is it all about?

I lost count of how many times people asked me what is Public Relations. They also ask me why did I leave law to work with communications, but I see Public Relations everywhere, regardless of what you have chosen as a career. The definition of Public Relations is not confusing and the whole purpose ofContinue reading “A beginners guide on Public Relations – what is it all about?”

Traveling isn’t going to change your life

I am sure that you’ve heard this story before. Someone you knew (or you, but that’s your decision) is always complaining of how much rough things are for them. Everything is always falling apart, they have no optimism in life, it’s all just a huge mess. All of a sudden, they book a trip for,Continue reading “Traveling isn’t going to change your life”

What does living abroad means to a 30+

Nearly three years ago, I decided to pack my bags and leave my country for a while. The main goal was to study abroad and then, make my great comeback to the warm and welcoming arms of friends and family. However, living abroad has shown me how fragile our strongest goals are — and IContinue reading “What does living abroad means to a 30+”

Why Public Relations?

I like to think that the best players are the ones who know the rules enough to break them when an opportunity for major accomplishments hits the situation they’re in.For context purposes, I am going to start this article with one of the things I do not advise when talking about the Public Relations language.Continue reading “Why Public Relations?”

What did the COVID-19 did to tourism in 2020 – Portugal Edition

From crowded streets and cities full of life to empty corners and deafening silence, Portugal has suffered enough with the crisis in Tourism caused by the “new normal” lifestyle imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the second wave of cases coming out like a tsunami, it is hard to predict the post-pandemic tourism effects.Continue reading “What did the COVID-19 did to tourism in 2020 – Portugal Edition”

Silence is Underrated

I have been observing how people handle with silence for a while now. It gets addictive. Whenever I see small or large groups of people, I try to observe, sneakily, their communication skills. I seek for something beyond verbal communication, because it would be too obvious and exactly the opposite of what I am trying toContinue reading “Silence is Underrated”