Recomeços – parou por quê? Voltamos!

Quando eu comecei a escrever o Airport Party, minha ideia era me comunicar em inglês para que eu pudesse conversar com pessoas ao redor do mundo com mais facilidade. Depois de um hiatus forçado, porque eu tinha minha dissertação de mestrado para finalizar e entregar e unas cositas más que me aconteceram desde o meuContinue reading “Recomeços – parou por quê? Voltamos!”

The concept that will blow up your mind

It’s easy to see how overwhelmed we have been feeling for quite a while. I feel like we have rediscovered our teenage year’s narrative when we talk about the past months: everything is just so unfair. As much tired as we might be of talking about the pandemic that took our 2020 hopes and dreamsContinue reading “The concept that will blow up your mind”

Break out, but don’t break you down: why you shouldn’t push yourself too hard

As you might have noticed (or not😛), yesterday I didn’t post anything. At first, I felt bad for breaking a cycle I am really committed to keeping, but then it occurred to me that I also need to get myself a break. Not that I have been overbusy with this site, which I love veryContinue reading “Break out, but don’t break you down: why you shouldn’t push yourself too hard”

The week I almost gave it all up

There is a very funny story that turned my world upside down in only one week in 2020. I have no idea how I managed to keep myself so calm (I didn’t, but one year later I can finally come clean about how I was freaking out inside) because, back then, there was no wayContinue reading “The week I almost gave it all up”

A New Year’s Resolution – 2021

As we are approaching January 1st, we begin that old tradition of making promises to ourselves for the next 12 months ahead. Most of them, regardless of the difficulty level, get frustrated even before the end of the first month of the year. Quit smoking, eating healthier, exercising every day, cut off the gossip, saveContinue reading “A New Year’s Resolution – 2021”

Studying vs. Working: living abroad in different perspectives

Although I have not yet left Lisbon to keep with my journey all over the world, I can say that I know both sides of the common immigrant. I had quite an experience by a year of studying hard to make it as an A student at my university and I think I can sayContinue reading “Studying vs. Working: living abroad in different perspectives”

Christmas in 2020 – Does anybody have a survival guide?

Due to COVID-19, this is my second Christmas away from my closest family. Last year, I got to spend the holiday with my Portuguese family – and it was amazing. They welcomed me with open arms and I was very happy to be born into such a loving family. This year, however, I am notContinue reading “Christmas in 2020 – Does anybody have a survival guide?”

When the words go blank

As you have probably noticed already, I am a very communicative person. I have no trouble sharing my thoughts on almost anything, and I actually like to do so. Building dialogues is something I always loved to do because I truly believe it’s the best way to bond with people you share your days with.Continue reading “When the words go blank”

Why being alone is good for you

I have to admit that being locked inside for most of 2020 did not bother me at all. I mean, I recall one day or another that I’d be a little more annoyed about this situation (plus, the biological crisis, economical panic, and all of those side effects), but overall, I feel fine. As weContinue reading “Why being alone is good for you”