Pro Tips for when you’re feeling Homesick – Why I know what I am talking about and 5 things to make it go away faster

It might feel a little too convenient to be writing about it during the holiday season, but it wasn’t on purpose. That also doesn’t mean that the holiday season won’t make it worse than it already is for those who aren’t close to family and friends. And guess what! We have an extra little somethingContinue reading “Pro Tips for when you’re feeling Homesick – Why I know what I am talking about and 5 things to make it go away faster”

A party at the airport?

You are probably asking yourself why did I name this project The Airport Party, especially if you are one of the members of the large group of people who hates airports. To be honest with you, I never understood why people hate airports so much and I’m going to excuse myself on the traveling sessionContinue reading “A party at the airport?”

Here is a good advice before hitting the road

I know, planning a trip is too exciting and you can barely wait until it’s time to finally pack and leave. You do checklists, you plan your days ahead (or you don’t, YOLO – does anybody still say that?), and all that routine before hitting the road. When you come back, you tell everyone allContinue reading “Here is a good advice before hitting the road”

The journey is the purpose

In 2018, Brazil experienced a peculiar situation regarding its inhabitants. With a negative migratory flow, it was possible to verify that the number of Brazilians who left their homeland definitively to venture abroad was greater than the number of “gringos” who entered our private paradise. More than 250 thousand Brazilians left for more than aContinue reading “The journey is the purpose”

Traveling isn’t going to change your life

I am sure that you’ve heard this story before. Someone you knew (or you, but that’s your decision) is always complaining of how much rough things are for them. Everything is always falling apart, they have no optimism in life, it’s all just a huge mess. All of a sudden, they book a trip for,Continue reading “Traveling isn’t going to change your life”

What did the COVID-19 did to tourism in 2020 – Portugal Edition

From crowded streets and cities full of life to empty corners and deafening silence, Portugal has suffered enough with the crisis in Tourism caused by the “new normal” lifestyle imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the second wave of cases coming out like a tsunami, it is hard to predict the post-pandemic tourism effects.Continue reading “What did the COVID-19 did to tourism in 2020 – Portugal Edition”