Crisis Ahead, part I – what you need to know before things go wrong

In this post, we will have a brief introduction to discuss the corporate crises. In this article, you will understand what is a crisis and if the crisis can be considered a nightmare or not. Keep up with The Airport Party to check some more info regarding Public Relations and Corporate Communications and sign ourContinue reading “Crisis Ahead, part I – what you need to know before things go wrong”

A New Year’s Resolution – 2021

As we are approaching January 1st, we begin that old tradition of making promises to ourselves for the next 12 months ahead. Most of them, regardless of the difficulty level, get frustrated even before the end of the first month of the year. Quit smoking, eating healthier, exercising every day, cut off the gossip, saveContinue reading “A New Year’s Resolution – 2021”

When the words go blank

As you have probably noticed already, I am a very communicative person. I have no trouble sharing my thoughts on almost anything, and I actually like to do so. Building dialogues is something I always loved to do because I truly believe it’s the best way to bond with people you share your days with.Continue reading “When the words go blank”

Silence is Underrated

I have been observing how people handle with silence for a while now. It gets addictive. Whenever I see small or large groups of people, I try to observe, sneakily, their communication skills. I seek for something beyond verbal communication, because it would be too obvious and exactly the opposite of what I am trying toContinue reading “Silence is Underrated”